Terms of Service

Our terms of service should be read carefully before you sign up for one of our hosting plans. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.

Agreement -

When you proceed with your order, we take that as you have read and agree to our terms of service listed below. The following terminology applies: "Client", "You" and "Your" refers to the person who's account the hosting is registered to. "Hosting Me", "Us", "Ourselves" and "We" refer to Hosting Me as the company.

Payment -

It is your responsibility to ensure you keep your portal information up to date. If we attempt to take payment and it fails your account may be suspended meaning your website will go offline, unless otherwise agreed upon, or you request a cancellation to your service.

Money Back Guarantee -

If in the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with our service we will refund the money you paid. We are unable to refund any money paid to us for domain registrations as these are registered immediately.

Automatic portal -

Hosting Me will bill you automatically and take payment from the records we hold. We do not charge any late fee's however if you miss a payment your account may be suspended. You can request a cancellation of your service at anytime, however no refund for that current plan will be issued. Example: if you purchase a one month plan on the 1st April and request a cancellation on the 18th April you will lose the remaining months.

Termination -

Hosting Me holds the right to suspend or terminate your service or any future service at anytime. Examples included but not limited to: abusive towards staff, late payment, violates this agreement, you conduct harm to others or Hosting Me. If Hosting Me suspends or terminates your service, no refunds will be given. You have the right to terminate your own service. Please give at least 30 days notice or contact us for assistance.

Copyright -

Please ensure that all content on your site belongs to you. If you use 3rd party material you must get written authorisation from the copyright holder for the use. Failure to produce on request may result in account suspension while we investigate. If this was to happen refunds will not be given. Hosting Me will not be held responsible for any legal action taken by 3rd party companies.

Disk Space -

Disk space is intended to be used for the following: web files, email account and content on a customers website. Disk space is not to be used for personal storage, music and films. Hosting Me reserves the right to investigate any account where high amounts of disk space is being used and if necessary will terminate the service if you are found to be breaking this agreement.

Bandwidth -

In rare cases, Hosting Me may find the customer to be using more server resources to such an extent that he or she may jeopardise server performance and resources for other customer. In such instances, Hosting Me reserves the right to impose the High Resource User Policy for the consideration of all our customer.

High Resource User Policy -

Resources are defined as Disk Space, Bandwidth and CPU Processor power.

If a website is found to be using high levels of resources Hosting Me reserves the right to suspend the account immediately. This policy is only implemented in extreme cases and is only intended to prevent the misuse of our servers. Customers may be offered an option whereby Hosting Me continues hosting the website for an additional fee.

Spamming -

Sending unsolicited bulk and/or commercial information, known as 'spamming' is prohibited. Hosting Me reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account found to be abusing our servers.

Audio/Video Streaming -

Audio/Video Streaming is not hosting friendly. As such, we do not allow any streaming of audio or video content. Accounts will be suspended without notice while we investigate. If accounts are found to be breaking this agreement they will be terminated.

Adult Content -

Hosting Me does not allow adult content in any form and will terminate any offending account.

Large File Policy:

Hosting Me is not for file hosting and distribution - as such, customers may not host any files larger than 5GB in size that are observed to be available for the sole purpose of download. Such files include but are not limited to .ISO, audio/video files, .EXE files. If you are unsure whether your file is against this policy, please raise a support ticket for clarification.

Uptime -

In the event your site experiences downtime, you may receive one (1) month of credit on your account. This uptime guarantee does not apply to planned maintenance. You must send a support ticket to our support department explaining why you believe you should receive credit to your account.

Domain Names -

All domain names are registered immediately, therefore once payment has been received it is not possible to issue a refund.

Backups -

Although we take backups of your site/databases and emails we will not be responsible for lost data. We highly recommend that you take a full backup weekly to ensure you have a local copy. For instructions on how to do this please see our knowledge base. For further assistance please contact support.

Hosting Me reserves the right to change/edit these terms of service without prior notice.

Last updated: February 2017

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